March 12 2017

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September 28 2017

Have a couple early morning appointment spots available for Friday and Saturday. If anyone wants to get in early for a cut... appointments are $25

September 25 2017

Although we are a primarily walk-in shop I will be starting to offer a few "before" hour appointments. Watch the shops page or message me for details. At this time we will not be using an appointment app since there is limited availability.

September 25 2017
September 23 2017

Happy Saturday!

September 19 2017

Hello king's family and friends just a bit of news mustafa will no longer be at king's he has moved on. He will now be cutting at cams we wish him the best.

September 16 2017
September 16 2017
September 16 2017
September 16 2017

I will be leaving the shop at 12 tomorrow so if you are in need of a cut earlier is always better thank you and have a great day....

September 13 2017

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